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Have you already played Ego Hearts?
If you liked it and you want to support us – you have few simple ways to do it:

  • You can buy our soundtrack in the same store where you got the game – on the Steam or
  • You can buy our soundtrack in any music service, like iTunes or Google Play.
  • The coolest one – you can become our patron here (click the logo! click the logo!):

What does that mean?
On you can sponsor our feature developments for only $2 per month. In return you will be the first to get news about our games in development and free access to our studio’s inner materials like arts, free soundtracks and games.
Give it a try! It’s a best way to support us in the long run.

We are going to post there once a week.

Still haven’t played Ego Hearts yet? Try it now! It’s free and avaliable in two stores: